Celebrating 5 Years of CKConnect

Audience-at-CKConnect-Event1.jpgCKUK recently celebrated 5 years of our CKConnect project by holding an event in West on the Green's Courtyard. With a backdrop of a 15 foot high glass wall, that acts as a viewing gallery into West's state of the art brewery, seven of the project's peer educators and some CKUK staff presented to over 70 guests from other charities, funders and support organisations.

Wesley-Greer-Peer-Educator-Presents.jpgIt was a great event where the work was showcased by the participants and students involved. It was the culmination of five years hard work where 37 young people with learning difficulties were trained as Peer Educators. Each Peer Educator prepared and delivered workshops on ‘Internet and Social Media Safety’ to over 445 young people with learning difficulties in schools and colleges across the Glasgow Region. They then went on to assist a CKUK development worker in delivering a 12 week project with college classes to 176 students. Each project produced a film or animation around the idea of friendship and social or digital media which has been shared on the CKUK Vimeo channel (links found on

Get-to-the-point-film-shown.jpgThe project aimed to help young people with learning difficulties keep in touch with their friends and increase their interpersonal skills. In total, students produced 26 films which are now available for all to watch and the CKConnect project helped 658 participants.

To learn more about the project or CKUK, please visit our website or please email jill to receive a copy of the project evaluation  .