Andrea_at_the_computer.jpgCKUK will be running a CKCyber group of 10 people aged 25 and older in their Glasgow office. We will work with each group for 3 months, then offer online help if they need additional support afterwards.

CKCyber groups' will offer people with learning difficulties accessible online learning and access to online friends via the CKUK website. Participants will learn to use their mobile phones, tablets or laptops to access the internet.


You will learn how to message each other, make new friends and contact old friends. We will teach you about all the great things you can do on the internet like skype, youtube, online shoping watching films and tv and listening to music.


CKCyber is more than just a computer course, it's about being part of a safe online community where you can learn about uploading photos and videos to your own web page. As well as writing stories for our online magazine and having a say about what kind of of learning you need and want to see on the CKUK website.

If you are interested please let us know as places are limited.