friends-group1.pngHelping young people with learning difficulties to 'get a life'

What is CKLife?

This new project will aim to improve learning about friendship and adult life to empower and equip young people with learning difficulties to better connect with their peers and participate as an adult in their community. Gaining important life skills, confidence and knowledge to enable them to practically address their social isolation and lack of experience of adult friendships and relationships.

How  we will work

CKLife will train peer educators with learning difficulties using our structured peer education training programme. Each peer educator will be offered a one year peer educating training course.  They will gain an understanding of their roles, developing teaching and leadership skills, learn about their adult rights and responsibilities and importantly  be given the opportunity for an indepth exploration on the subject of adult friendships/relationships.

The peer educators will become role models and facilitators to other people with learning difficulties in CKLife group settings across Greater Glasgow. We will be working in partnership with colleges and all relevant agencies who support people with learning difficulties to give access to as many young people as possible.The CKLife groups will offer learning in a fun, creative group setting to develop a film/multimedia project about adult friendships and relationship topics. These films will form part of a new a learning resource on friendship that will be available free on the CKUK website for a much broader audience.

When does it start?

2018 - waiting on funding




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