CKNet a project funded by Esmee Fairbairn Foundation to develop fun new social learning experiences online.

We want to create a new website that will be able to incorporate all the latest technology available.

CKFriends will be redesigned to give people with learning difficulties the same facilities as anyone using sites like Facebook, Bebo or YouTube, but with the added security and accessibility features that will make CKFriends the safest network available online.

Members will learn to use CKFriends in a safe and responsible way to learn about information technology, video and digital photography and create opportunities to share their interests, develop their learning and promote positive images of people with learning difficulties.

Key aims

1. To develop CKFriends into a social network for people with learning difficulties that will offer the opportunity to access new fun technologies that are available to everyone else

2. CKFriends will help reduce the social isolation and increase the participation in social network/ online learning/ internet use of people with learning difficulties living in the UK.

3.CKFriends will provide people with learning difficulties with a range of new fun learning materials /online games via CKLearn and CKClick

4. Develop CKLearn as a free learning curriculum support to help people with learning difficulties attain information technology qualifications from colleges.

CKUK will develop step-by-step Flash guides to how to use the site, offering 'friendly format' explanations of how to do tasks like download content, view video, play games.