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Cumbernauld Comic Con

Added by david87 - September, 12, 2018

Internet Roundtable Meeting

Added by david87 - June, 13, 2018
CKUK attends Scottish Government Meeting

Goodbye Nikki!

Added by Nikki CKUK - June, 06, 2018
Our Senior Development Work, Nikki Sully, moves on for new adventures.

CKCyber Fashion Show Success

Added by Nikki CKUK - June, 06, 2018
The CkCyber Group from the John Orr Day Service held a fantastic fashion show at the CKUK offices on 15th May 2018

CKUK Fashion Show

Added by Nikki CKUK - May, 01, 2018
The CKCyber group at the John Orr Day Service are holding their fashion show at CKUK on Tuesday 15th May 2018, 11am to 1pm.

Autism Awareness Month

Added by Iain Admin - March, 27, 2018

DJ Gig

Added by peterb - February, 20, 2018

David's Year 2017

Added by david87 - January, 25, 2018

CkCyber 5 days a week!

Added by Nikki CKUK - December, 01, 2017

Rai Con 2017

Added by david87 - November, 30, 2017