10 Mile Cycle!

On 28th June 2016, the CK Active group went on a 10 mile cycle, from Free Wheel North which is based in Glasgow Green.  We arrived before 10 o'clock in the morning.  They were all preparing for the bike journey from Glasgow to Scotstoun, which was 5 and a half miles there and the same distance back.
cycle3.png  We got our equipment (such as bike helmets and the bikes themselves).  We could cycle around the track to warm up, or to try to remember how to ride a bike!  I brought my GoPro, which recorded a lot of footage of myself cycling, talking, and seeing the amazing views.  
cycle2.png Once we got to Scotstoun sports centre, we had our lunch.  It had started to rain.  After we finished our lunches, we got back on the bike to get back to Glasgow Green.  While we were on the 10 mile cycle, some of the other CKActive members stayed behind and used the course there to practise cycling.  This is good if you didn't want to do the cycle, as you can stay at the course.
tired-iain.png  The weather was very good to start with, but when we got to Scotstoun the heavens opened.  It began to pour heavily. As we got back, it started to calm down.  After the cycle, my legs were like jelly walking up stairs. Even getting coffee was painful after a few days!
I loved doing the cycling. It was both fun and very amusing.  I had not rode a bike in years. Once I started I could not stop. I can't wait for the next cycle as I have enjoyed every single second of it.



 Written By Iain Elliott

 June 2016