CKActive at Woodlands Community Cafe

Woodlands_Cafe.jpg On 22nd August 2016, CK Active went to Woodlands Community Garden Pop up Community Cafe, were we took a lesson from Irina, the Woodlands Community Cafe chef. 


We did a demonstration of how to cook a sweet potato and lentil soup.
Woodlandstable.jpg We also joined about 50 other people in eating a three course dinner, prepared by volunteers for everyone to enjoy.

There was also a piano, which different people played, they were very good.  It would be great to get tips off them!

I enjoyed the day very much.  I wish I could do more days like that.  We had a laugh with Liam, Andy, James, Jade, Iain, Stuart and Mark from CKActive.

Thanks for the opportunity. It will help me to stay more active and eat healthy.

Written by Lesley

August 2016