CKActive Workout at the Gym

CKActive visited the Venice Gym at Templeton with a trainer called Steve from Glasgow Eagles Sports Club.

Firstly Steve did an introduction to the different machines which can be used for cardio or muscular endurance.  We did three sets of ten reps on each of the muscular endurance machines.

 Malcolm-Gym.jpg   Malcolm working out his upper body.

Atcross-trainer1.jpg the end we did a workout on the cardio machines - treadmill,bike and cross trainer for 5-10 minutes.             


Steve said we can go back, but next time it will be more intense with more pain!!

At the office we had a discussion on which muscles people would like to work on and which machines they would use next time we go to the gym.

CKActive will go back to the gym as it's a great place to workout.