CKCyber FIVE days a week

CkCyber is our fun free course on internet safety and digital media where people learn how to use the internet, make friends online, learn how to take photographs and write articles for the internet.

We now have two development workers (Nikki and David) that can deliver the course 5 days a week. Each course runs for 12 weeks, one afternoon or morning a week.

It's FREE!

Thanks to funding from The Robertson Trust, The Tudor Trust, Baily Thomas Charitable Trust and Esmee Foundation we are able to offer the course completely free of charge.


Nikki and David run courses at the CKUK offices at Templeton on the Green, which individuals over the age of 24 years can ask to join. 

Alternatively, Nikki or David can run courses at an organisation's premises if they have a group of 6 or more that would like the course to run.

If you would like to join CKCyber, or you would like us to run CKCyber at your organisation, contact us using the details below:

  • 0141 556 5301
  • Message us on Facebook