Cumbernauld Comin Con

david.pngOn Saturday 18th August I went with a few friends to the comic con in Cumbernauld New Town Hall.  This was the first comic con to be held in Cumbernauld and there were a lot of stalls and 2 pinball machines - one a Dark Knight and the other Metallica.  Lots of people were dressed up in cosplay outfits including my friend Louise who was dressed up as an elf from The Lord of The Rings movies.  The rest of us did not dress up in cosplay, but I did wear a bit of anime clothing as I wore a black Attack on Titan t shirt.

There was also a cosplay masquerade competition which was won by a guy wearing a Mad Max outfit from the 2015 movie Mad Max Fury Road.  The comic con was a success & we all had a great time.

I hope Cumbernauld gets another comic con again sometime in the near future.