David goes to USA and Canada

On Saturday 2nd of July me and my parents went to New York City USA we stayed in the radio city apartments near Times Square.

The next day went on both the downtown bus tour as well as the uptown bus tour as well as going on a boat tour around the Statue of Liberty.

Then the next day was the 4th of July which is Independence Day in America it was not the first time I was in America for the 4th of July the last time I was in America for the 4th of July was back in 2009 when I went to Disney magic kingdom in Disney world in Orlando Florida as well as going on the uptown & downtown bus tours again we also went on top of the Rockefeller centre & visit st pat’s cathedral we also watched a New York City USA 4th of July fireworks display and concert show on our tv in the apartment we also went to have breakfast in a diners called juniors & I had a egg creating drink in their which was nothing like the egg cream drink I saw in a season 5 episode of hey Arnold.

Then on Tuesday 5th of July we went to Toronto Canada which we stayed in the Cambridge suites hotel.

The next day we went on a tour bus around the city of Toronto Canada in the middle of it we went on a boat tour around Lake Ontario.

The next day we went on a bus to Niagara Falls but we 1st stopped at a wine place where they make their wine then arrived at the Niagara Falls then we went on a boat & saw the Niagara Falls up close we were on the Canadian side so we wore red waterproof ponchos while the people on the boat on the American side wore blue ponchos.

On the final day we went up the cn tower and saw the Rogers centre which used to be called the sky dome which is the home of the Toronto blue jays which is the baseball team & also held 2 wrestle mania events wrestlemania 6 in 1990 & wrestlemania 18 in 2002

Then we leaft Toronto Canada on Saturday 9th of July & arrived back home in Glasgow Scotland on the early hours of Sunday morning.

Flew out of: Glasgow airport

American city: New York City USA

Canadian city: Toronto Canada

Pros: Rockefeller centre bus tours boat tours cn tower Niagara Falls 4th of July event on the television

Cons: The flight delays McDonald’s 1st night of holiday the New York City sunny heat all the restaurants being shut 1st night in Toronto not being able to go inside the Rogers centre the anime shop in Toronto was shut