David's Year 2020

David’s highlights from 2020

January 2020: Went to see Slipknot at the SSE Hydro. CK pose and my work, Watch Us Grow keep-fit, starts back.  Watch Us Grow keep-fit meal out at Pizza Hut in Cumbernauld, which is now no more. The Watch Us Grow badminton group starts back.  My Gran goes into hospital.

February 2020: My Gran comes out of the hospital just fine.  Me and Malcolm see the second My Hero Academia film at the cinema, at the Fort.  Me and my mum take my nephew to the Science Centre museum.

March 2020: Me and my pal Wally see the live action Sonic the Hedgehog film in the cinema.  My pal from Watch Us Grow, James Parks passes away at age 41 years old.  He would have turned 42 on the 3rd of December, so he shared a birthday with my former CKPose pal, Shirley Ann, but was older than her.  Watch Us Grow 21st birthday party at the Cumbernauld Town Hall.  Watch Us Grow badminton group stops.  CKPose stops.  Watch Us Grow keep-fit group stops.  My Watch Us Grow pal James Parks’ funeral at a cemetery in Motherwell.  My work stops.

April 2020: I grew my very own Watch Us Grow plant, that I named Deku who is the main character in the My Hero Academia anime series.  Getting Easter eggs with my Mum.

May 2020: Me and my Mum taking my nephew Travis to Largs (I really needed it being stuck in the house all day every day during lockdown, except for Saturday, when I see and saw my Gran at her house).  Me and my Mum taking Travis to Kelvingrove Park and taking him to Cumbernauld fields.

June 2020: New Adventures group starts.  Taking my nephew to Cumbernauld fields.

July 2020: Me and my Mum taking my nephew to Edinburgh to find the Edinburgh Filmhouse.  My summer holiday away to Stratford-upon-Avon, England, with my parents, my sister, and my brother-in-law.  While down there we went to Cadbury World, Warwick Castle, the town of Stratford-upon-Avon itself, and the British Motor Museum, where of all the cars they had in there, they had five cars from five movies in there which were a car from Tomb Raider, a car from Back to the Future.  I can’t remember two of them but the last one was the pink car from the live action Thunderbirds film that came out in 2004 staring Bill Paxton and Ben Kingsley, although less said about that film the better.   I one time dreamed that me and my 4 pals were the Tracy brothers in Thunderbirds with Malcolm as Scott Tracy in Thunderbird 1, Simon as Virgil in Thunderbird 2, me as John Tracy in Thunderbird 5, David Beverage (Bevy) as Gordon Tracy in Thunderbird 4 and David Wallace (Wally) as Alan Tracy in Thunderbird 3.  I dressed up as a Thunderbird in a night-time nursery school party once.

August 2020: Me and my Mum take my nephew over to Rothesay.  My work starts back.  My nephew’s 2nd birthday party.

September 2020: Glasgow bus tour, going to Falkirk bowling alley place.  Me and my parents taking my nephew to Ayr, then Largs, the Transport Museum and Kelvingrove Park with my sister-in-law.  Watch Us Grow student and member Douglas Stewart passes away.

October 2020: Me and my parents take my nephew to the Science Centre museum. I got a new mattress for my bed.  Both me and Malcolm had our very own Scotland Loves Anime 2020 film festival in our own homes.

November 2020: Edinburgh bus tour visit to the Sea Life place at Lomond Shores.  Meal out at TGI Fridays.

December 2020: Me, Malcolm, Melissa, and Suzy give each other our Christmas presents.  Baby Steps secret Santa.  Me and my parents take my nephew to the Lomond Shores Sea Life place on my birthday.  Had my nephew and his parents over for Christmas.  Had my sister and my brother-in-law over on Boxing Day and had them all round for my birthday.