David’s Year 2021


David’s highlights from 2021

January 2021: My brother-in-law Henry turned 40 years old.  Playing with my nephew in the snow in the garden.

February 2021: Got my central heating replaced.  Playing with my nephew in the snow in the square outside my garden.

March 2021: Got our living room done up.  I had my 1st Covid19 vaccine in Ravenscraig in Motherwell, but my body was shaking non-stop during the night.  My temperature rose & was really tired.

April 2021: Started my staff training at Baby Steps 20+.  Leaving my mobile phone in Ayr, Scotland.  It must have fallen out of pockets of my denim shorts when me and my nephew were on a swing & my mum had to go back and get it for me.  Taking my nephew to calendar park in Falkirk.

May 2021: Complete my staff training at Baby Steps 20+ and got back to work at the new Baby Steps 20+.  No longer called Baby Steps at Watch Us Grow, because the guy who took over Watch Us Grow did not want to keep the shop going but he never talked it over with me and my family or the rest of the Baby Steps team and their families.

June 2021: I had my 2nd Covid19 vaccine but unlike the 1st one, after I got my 2nd vaccine I was just fine.  My brother-in-law, my brother and my dad attended the Scotland Euro 2020 game against Croatia at Hampden Park stadium.  My nephew had a wee fall in Ayr & badly cut open his lip.

July 2021: Took my nephew to Millport, but before that went on my week’s summer holiday to Staffordshire, England with my nephew and my parents.  We took him to a monkey farm, a little train place, and the main event of the summer holiday and number one favourite and best memory of 2021,  we took my nephew to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Theme Park, where he got his photo taken with Thomas the Tank Engine.  Rode in Annie and Clarabel.  Got his photo taken with other Thomas the Tank characters including Edward, Toby, Rosie, Henry, Gordon, James & Terrence the Tractor, including riding in Harold the Helicopter.  He loved it so much we took him for a 2nd day.  On the last day of our summer holiday the only two Thomas the Tank characters we were unable to get photos of him with were, Percy & Emily.  Percy was not on both days & Emily has an indoor soft play area which was not opened.

August 2021: Got rid of some of my old good t shirts that I don’t wear anymore & gave them to charity.  Me & my parents took my nephew to Ayr but before that we took him on the boat trip under the 3 bridges near Edinburgh.  My nephew turned 3 years old.  Me and my parents took my nephew on the Edinburgh tram to Edinburgh airport and back. Has a going away get together for my cousin Rebecca with my family at my cousin’s house.

September 2021: Had my work schedule changed to, once every 2nd Tuesday one week, then every 2nd Saturday the next week.  The New Adventures keep fit group starts back.  My cousin Daniel turned 30 years old and had a meal out with him and his family.

October 2021: Scotland Loves Anime in Glasgow at the Glasgow Film Theatre.  Got my bathroom replaced with just a shower now  No more bathtub because my mum found it hard to get in and out of the bathtub with her hips and replaced knees, but we keep a hold of the baby bath that we still have for my nephew when we have him overnight.  Just because of my bathroom getting replaced for 3 days I put my swimming shorts on and gave myself a shower and washed outside in the garden with kitchen sink filled with hot water and shampoo and conditioner and shower gel.  Saw the new James Bond with my father and lost my bank card that day, so my mum got me a new one and put a stop to my old one.  Scotland Loves Anime in Edinburgh for the first time ever.  Taking my nephew to a soft play place where I ripped my new cut-off shorts and me and my mum went to see the third My Hero Academia film at the Glasgow Quay cinema.  I was meant to see it with both Wally & Malcolm but they both let me down because they couldn’t go. CK pose group starts back at Templeton Business Centre.

November 2021: Me and my parents took my nephew to Livingston shopping centre.  My cousin Chris & his wife Veronica‘s baby daughter had her baptism.  Me and work colleague Marianne got stranded in High Bonnybridge, coming home late afternoon from a volunteer shift in Falkirk it was dark.  Me and my parents took my nephew to the Edinburgh Xmas market & Xmas lights.  My work’s grand opening day.

December 2021: Went to London with my parents, my nephew and my sister.  Went to a light show at Kew Gardens.  The hotel fire alarm went off at 2:55am in the morning.  Was outside in the freezing cold for half an hour.  Wasn’t till 3:25am in the morning we finally got back in and back to bed.  Took my nephew to see dinosaurs at a London Museum, then took him on a boat trip done the River Thames then a Xmas market & Xmas lights in London then took him to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park then our flight home was delayed by 3 hours and 20 minutes.  Meant to have been at 15:40pm but it wasn’t till 19:00pm that we were on the plane.  CKPose finishes till sometime next year.  Took my nephew to the Glasgow Xmas market and Xmas lights.  I worked on my birthday and, last but not least, me and my parents took my nephew to a Santa train at Bo’Ness railway.  My 2021 song of the year was Christmas Truce by Sabaton and my 2021 film of the year was the third My Hero Academia film.