Hill walk at Dumgoyne

long-walk.png On Thursday the 23rd of June, the new CKActive group went for a hill walk at Dumgoyne hill. We got there by a bus from Buchanan Bus Station. The journey on the bus took about an hour.  The first building we saw when we got off the bus was a whisky distillery. We then started the long climb up the hill.


We had to climb over fences and stroll over ditches. There was a few bits of the hill walk that the CKactive crowd found to be very steep and hard to climb up.  We managed to do as much of the hill walk as possible.
Happy-group-on-the-hill.png We found it was a lot easier walking down the hill, then walking up it.  We had to be very careful not to fall down, when walking down the hill.  We had to wait at the whisky distillery for the bus to come to take us back to Buchanan Bus Station.
We were very tired when we got back to the bus station but it was really rewarding.  Maybe some day, we will try and do hill walking again.


 Written by David Szemis

 June 2016