Jade gets 'Tagged'

Jade tells us about her role in CKUK's new film 'Tagged'


The last time I did any acting was when I was in school.  CKUK asked me if I'd like to be the main character, Chloe, in the film 'Tagged'.

Chloe was supposed to be going to her boyfriend's house, but bumped into two of her friends, who persuaded her to go to a house party with them.

She had too much to drink.  She was tagged in lots of photos that were taken at the party.

Her boyfriend saw them.  He dumped her.  Her boss saw them. She was sent home from her work.

We worked with some people from CK Pose.  We did the party scene at Vashi's house.

We had empty booze bottles with water in them to look like alcohol.  We went in to town to take pictures of me with the traffic cone.  It was the busy time because people were heading home.  I was a bit embarrassed but I did it.

I would love to do it again.

Written by Jade

Tagged from CKUK (Common Knowledge) on Vimeo.

Filmed and produced in 2014