Let the games begin!

We are Paul and Wesley. We're part of the CK Connect Project.  This summer, we applied to become volunteers for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.  We wanted to apply because we wanted to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Having been born and raised in Scotland, we both feel really proud and honoured to be representing our country and city.

We hope our volunteering roles will open a lot of opportunities for us. They will be used as evidence towards our Youth Achievement Awards.

Our roles will involve welcoming visitors from across the commonwealth to our city, providing an excellent service for our visitors,  and making sure that their visit to our city will be a memorable experience.  We will be based around various game venues, areas, and streets around the city.

A few other people from our project have also applied to become volunteers.  Some of us found out about how to apply online through CKUK.  Some of us felt that being a peer educator gave us the confidence to volunteer at the Games.  We have been to the Orientation Event, which was a great evening with loads of entertainment.  We have also completed our training, in which we found out in more detail about our volunteering roles.


Paul  collected his uniform at the Accreditation Centre.  When he tried it on, he felt really proud to be a City Clydesider.

I collected my Host City Volunteer uniform at Hillhead Primary School.  Wearing my uniform made me feel really proud. I was pleased with myself. I felt excited about what I was about to experience.

Paul’s uniform is different from my uniform, because he will be based at games venues, whilst I will be guiding visitors to various game locations.

Now that we have attended the Orientation Event and completed our training, we are ready to go.


Written by Wesley

July 2014