Newmains Community Trust Centre

In November 2016 I started volunteering at the NCT Centre as a receptionist/admin assistant.  I learned how to imput data for bookings, got experience in answering phones and updating records and meeting the public.

Once I had done some volunteering I felt confident in applying for a job there.  I was very nervous when I went for the interview but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I was offered a job on 24th July 2017.  I was really happy as I had worked hard and I had the experience to do the job.  My duties were similar to what I did when I was volunteering but I had more responsibility such as updating staff details, weekly group time tables and taking in money.  I even came up with new ideas to make the community centre more approachable and I show the volunteers what they need to do.

I am enjoying working as it has increased my confidence, I can teach people, learn new skills and knowledge and put it to good use.  I have also matured.

The staff and customers are so nice and I couldn't ask for a better community centre to work in.

I am also involved with the Newmains Community Choir and Line Dancing clubs which are held in the centre.

By Lesley, Receptionist at NCT Centre