My weekend at Benmore


On Friday the 18thof September 2015.  I went with a few of my CK pals and staff to Benmore outdoor centre in Argyll.

When we arrived we made up our own beds, then had dinner.  The first activity was a night walk.  It was pitch black. You could not see a thing.  We had to navigate, and work as a team, to help us get over the ropes and branches. The only light we could see were the stars. They shined lovely and bright.

The next morning after breakfast, the group was split into two teams of six. I was with Hughie, Wesley, Shaun, Liam, and Graham.

The first thing we did was canoeing.  I was paired with Hughie.   We did some stunts.  One stunt was getting out of the canoe, and climbing over a branch, and back in the canoe again, without falling in the water.

I managed to do it, with only one foot going in the water.

davetrapeze1.jpgAfter lunch, my group did some rope climbing and trapeze jumping.  Before we tackled the big course, we worked on the small rope and trapeze course.  I was paired with Wesley.

The star of the small course was Lorna.  She tried to catch a ring and fell.  She left a big imprint on the ground.

We then tackled the big course. We climbed up logs and wee steps and ropes. One challenge had me climbing up a pole, to sit on the platform at the top.

Wesley and I both took a turn to jump and grab the trapeze, which faced opposite the platform.

The only thing we didn’t do on the big course was the Jacob’s ladder.

That night after dinner, we all got together and went outside to have a camp fire. We cooked marshmallows, and had a chance to reflect on the day.

The next morning after breakfast, we were all put into different groups again.   I was with Stuart, Iain, Scott, Wesley, William, Mark and David B.  We did Gorge Walking in the morning.  We worked together climbing up waterfalls.  We went through one section called the key hole.  It was a tight squeeze.

benmorecanoe.jpgIn the afternoon after lunch, we were split into two teams. One group did some problem solving challenges, while my group did some art work.  We worked in a field making a flower design with stones, branches and different coloured leaves.

After all that, we packed our bags and started our journey home.

It was my first residential in 12 years. The last time I was on a residential, was when I was in high school and we went to Oban.

I really enjoyed my time  at Benmore. The staff were so nice and really helpful. They gave us confidence to try things, we did not think we could do.

It was an experience I’ll never forget.  I hope to go back there again sometime in the near future.

Written by David

September 2015