Rai Con Winter Anime Convention 2017

On Saturday 28th October myself & 3 of my pals Simon Kirk, David Wallace (Wally) & David Beveridge (Bevy) went to the Rai Con Winter Anime Convention at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

This was the 4th time myself, Simon & Wally had been, our first one was in March 2016 then Bevy joined the 3 of us for the second Rai Con in October 2016. 

There are lots of things to do at Rai Con such as taking part in retro gaming competitions, cosplay masquerade completion, get your photos taken, buy cool merchandise & dress up as your favourite characters.

The first 2 Rai Con we went to I was dressed up as Edward Elric from the Full Metal Alchemist anime series then the next Rai Con we went to I was dressed up as Ciel Phantomhive from The Black Butler anime series but with different coloured oufits. The one in March 2017 I was dressed in Ciel's blue outfit while in October 2017 I was in Ciel's green outfit.

We really love going to the Rai Con anime conventions every year & we look forward to going again in March & October 2018. I will be going to both of them dressed up as Kurapika from the Hunter x Hunter anime series.