On set with Tagged

Everyone at CK was really busy last week, filming our latest video project: Tagged.

Most people have a mobile phone that has a camera.  It's so easy to snap photos wherever and whenever you are.

That's great but sometimes it means that photos can be taken when we don't want them to be taken.  They can be spread quickly on social media.

Tagged is a story about what happens when people see photos you'd rather they didn't see.


Shirleyann and Lesley tell us a bit more about the film...

"The week before filming we did a read through of the script and rehearsed the scenes. We came up with some ideas and changed a few lines here and there," said Lesley.

Shirleyann continued, "We started filming the following week. On the first day of filming we did a party scene where people were drunk and a fight starts. I then did a scene where I dump my boyfriend and he end ups with a black eye."

"The next day, I filmed a scene where my character tells her best friend that she doen't want to see her any more."


Lesley and Shirleyann both enjoyed the filming but aren't giving too much away about the story.

"It was great fun and everyone enjoyed it. I felt really proud because I got over my nerves and was confident." said Shirleyann

"I'm not going to give away any more about the film. Keep an eye out for it and see it for yourself!" said Lesley.

Filmed and produced in 2014.