A week at Donegal


Me, my brother, sister, brother in law and niece all stay in the same house and every year, usually 2-3 times, we go to Donegal which is in Ireland.

Me and my brother went to Donlow which is a festival that happens every year.  At this festival  music is played and people sing in the streets and in the pubs.

All the entertainment is handed to you in a leaflet which tells you where the entertainment is located.

This festival runs all week starting and finishing on a Sunday, then we then go home.

We stay in a house in Ireland, it's really new as there used to be an old house but this was knocked down to build the big, new house. We also go for a lovely pub lunch or to a nice cafe lunch.

My sister and brother in law hire a car in Donegal so we can drive around to see all the different places in Ireland.