Learn about Instagram

This is where you can learn how to use it, how to be safe using it and what is good and bad about Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an app that works on a mobile phones and tablets and can also be viewed on home computers. You can use it to post pictures on other sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Pictures you post on Instagram are always square and you can add effects called filters to make them seem like they were taken a long time ago. For example here is a picture taken from the CKUK offices.

Below is the same picture shown using Instagram. The picture had to be cut into a square shape. This picture has also had a border added and the filter called "Kelvin". 

This is the same picture as above but shown in Instagram with a Kelvin filter

Anyone can view pictures put on Instagram unless the privacy settings are changed. Don't post any picture that you might regret other people seeing. Also make sure you ask people before putting pictures of them on Instagram.

A video on how to change your privacy settings will appear soon.